Finding base direction with ezFengShui and ezFlyingStar

To make it clearer for ezFengShui and ezFlyingStar users, I’ve just made this image to clarify how to find the base direction with my apps. I’ve created an imaginary floor plan of a small home with 3 rooms. When ezFengShui or ezFlyingStar is running on your iPhone 3GS (or any iPhone OS devices with digital compass), point the iPhone’s top to main entrance as shown in the diagram below.

[singlepic id=20 w=417 h=395 float=center]

No matter where you stand, the base direction of the house / apartment / office will not change. Hence it’s ok for you to stand anywhere as long as your iPhone is pointing to the main entrance.

As always, if you need further assistance, you can post comment here or through the Contact page.

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