ezFengShui – the easy tool to improve your home and office Feng Shui with 8 House Theory.

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This application will show you which spots of your house or office has good or bad synergy based on 8 House Feng Shui Theory. Feng Shui cure is provided for the 4 most influential spots to enhance the good fortune or diminish the bad influences.

According to geological consultant, Master Peter So, this theory divides the floor plan into 9 equal squares. The squares on the rim represent 8 directions – East, South East, South, South West, West, North West, and North. These squares represent the good and bad spots can be calculated by the base direction of your home of office.

The four most influential spots are Spook, Irritation, Health, and Excellent which you should pay extra attention to them.


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To set the base direction with ezFengShui, keep the top left red arrow pointing outward of your main entrance. That is the top of the iPhone should face to main entrance with you standing inside your home or office. Either use the digital compass available on iPhone 3GS or manually set the ture North direction with the slider below the compass.

Since version 1.1, you can take photo of floor plan or open existing floor plan image from your photo library in the 8 House result screen after setting the base direction.

Photo rotation & resizing can be enabled by double clicking the bottom area below the 9 Gar buttons.

Double Tap – will bring photo to the front or send to back. Once photo is in front, you can move, rotate and resize. When done, double tap again to send the photo back and lock its position.

Triple Tap – will ask you to confirm removing the photo.

Press the Gar buttons to reveal the Feng Shui cure. The cure should be placed at the related position only. Otherwise, counter effect may bite you.

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Interface supports English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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