ezReverse is a simple tool to help you to undo the harmful energy (Chi) from any construction sites / works nearby your home or office with your iPhone.

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All you need to do is to follow the cure placement of the 5 natural elements shown.

Press each element to see what item can be used to represent the selected natural element.

Specific Cure

  • Point your iPhone to the construction area.
  • Press the top right button to bring up the compass input screen.
  • Either manually slide the slider to set the compass direction or press the compass icon to use digital compass to find out the construction direction.
  • Press “Save” when done, or “Cancel” to dismiss.
  • The cure forming a straight line will be shown accordingly.
  • Press each element to see the item needed.

Universal Cure

  • Form the 5 cure elements in a circle shown regardless of the construction area direction.
  • Press each element to see the item needed.

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The Theory:

Any visible construction sites / works nearby your home or office will bring you destructive energy. The famous Feng Shui Master Peter So has invented an easy cure to diminish such bad Chi.

The theory uses the controlling cycle of the 5 natural elements represented by the 8 main directions to weaken the bad energy.

The 5 natural elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood.

The 8 main directions are East, South East, South, South West, West, North West, North, and North East.

The Cures

There are 2 cures. The specific direction cure gives the best effect. The universal cure works for any directions but its effect is not as strong as the specific direction cure.

The specific cure forms a straight line with the 5 elements to amplify the effect to diminish the bad energy from the specific direction.

The universal cure forms the 5 elements in a circle to balance the energy from any direction.

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