ezFengShui 1.1 is out now

Excited to tell you that ezFengShui 1.1 is in App Store now. This new version can let you take photo of floor plan or open existing floor plan image from your photo library in the 8 House result screen, i.e. after setting the base direction.

Photo rotation & resizing can be enabled via gesture at the bottom area below the 9 buttons.

Double Tap – bring photo to the front or send to back. Once photo is in front, you can move, rotate and resize. When done, dole tap again to send it back to lock the photo.

Triple Tap – remove photo.

Press the Gar buttons to show the Feng Shui solution if needed to bring some balance to the spot.

Photo taking requires iPhone. Digital compass requires iPhone 3GS. Other function should fine on iPod Touch though.

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