ezFengShui is on the way

I’ve been working on this iPhone app as well as learning the ways how iPhone SDK works.

ezFengShui is a Feng Shui related app. The theory in this app is 8 House Theory that I read from geological consultant, Peter So. The key is to find out the base direction, i.e. the direction of facing out  from the inside of the main entrance of your office or home. Then it will show the good and bad synergy spots of your office or home in a 9 square grid.

There are 4 important spots which affect us the most  in the modern day city life in contrast to the original ancient days. They are Spook, Irritation, Health and Excellent. Simple Feng Shui solution is provided in the application to help offset the bad and enhance the good. The 8 House Theory’s good and bad spots are highlighted with green and red background respecitively.

Hopefully this app will be available in iTunes App Store very soon.

This app can use the digital compass of iPhone 3GS to set the direction.

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