Is ezFengShui the iPhone app for you?

You may have thought “Do I need this Feng Shui app?” Well, ezFengShui is for everyone. Whether you have property or not, you should find it useful because you definitely want to avoid staying around bad energy spots. The best thing is the 8-House Feng Shui theory applies to home, office, and even your room within office.

The usage of my iPhone app is to identify the main entrance’s direction of your home, office or your individual office room to find the good & bad spots. Dividing the floor plan in 9 equal squares (rectangles maybe). Then match the squares shown in the app to the physical locations.

There are 4 good & 4 bad energy spots in every property. The goal is to connect your main bedroom or your office chair  to the good energy spots (Health and Excellent).

The bad spots, particularly  Spook,  is best be used for storage (if your home is bad enough) or for putting your coach in the living room.

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